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50 Best Blogs for Journalism Students

Posted by Prof Sergio 09 en septiembre 27, 2010


Rumors of journalism’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Just because newspapers and magazines appear to be slouching out of fashion does not mean students interested in the field should avoid it as a major. Rather, journalism exists as a constantly shifting profession that must adapt to the persistent technological changes surrounding it. Appropriately enough, plenty of blogs have sprung up in order to connect teachers, students and industry leaders and keep media moving ever forward. The following — by no means definitive — list offers a small, diverse sample of some that may particularly pique the interest of journalism students. However, this does not discount the validity and contributions of other blogs not listed here!! Give them a look as well in order to gain a broader view of everything the industry has to offer.

Educational and General Blogs

The blogs listed here each focus on the bigger picture when it comes to student journalism and what graduates can expect after entering the industry.

  1. Poynter Online

    The Poynter Institute hopes to bring together journalism professionals, teachers and students for educational exchanges on the industry.

  2. College Media Matters

    Follow the latest trends and topics from around the media community through a very popular, useful partner with the Associate Collegiate Press.

  3. CMA Online

    College Media Advisors focuses on making the newspapers, yearbooks, TV and radio stations and other outlets at institutes of higher education as effective as possible.


    Be sure to read beyond the blog, as the entirety of should be considered essential reading for students majoring in the subject.

  5. Innovation in College Media

    This very cool blog and podcast serves as a forum uniting students, professionals and educators, nurturing some great discussions on a wide number of relevant topics.

  6. Journalist’s Toolbox

    As a publication of the Society of Professional Journalists, this blog provides students with everything they will need to succeed in both the classroom and the business.

  7. The Kicker at Columbia Journalism Review

    The Columbia Journalism Review and the affiliated graduate school at the eponymous university recognizes the accomplishments of individuals and groups who take the field back to its democratic roots.

  8. Innovation Journalism

    Although it does not update as often as other blogs on this list, Innovation Journalism specializes in news and views regarding the spread of new ideas and insights.

  9. Tony’s Journalism Blog at

    Tony Rogers at keeps his blog suitable for general audiences, so even freshmen can follow what he has to say.

  10. Center for Scholastic Journalism Blog at Kent State University

    Kent State’s journalism think tank concerns itself with relaying timely information of interest to students and teachers alike.

  11. BuzzMachine

    Jeff Jarvis at the City University of New York presides over one of the most respected, enlightening and helpful blogs on journalism and its associated issues.

College Newspaper Blogs

Many colleges and universities now publish their offerings through blogs as well as in print. Keep up with a few of them in order to track any new trends in the way they bring stories to the people.

  1. Blogs at The State News

    Michigan State University students affiliated with the State News keep blogs on a number of different subjects, making it an interesting example of how some college newspapers are embracing the blog format.

  2. Above the Fold Blog at The Dartmouth

    Dartmouth’s campus paper hosts a blog focusing on assorted general stories relevant to the school.

  3. Blogs at The Daily Californian

    Research how UC Berkeley students transitioned to an independent newspaper founded by students in 1971 to a blog popular around the community.

  4. Blogs at The Daily Illini

    This independent, student-operated newspaper at University of Illinois has been in operation since 1871 and beautifully survived the transition to digital.

  5. Blogs at The Michigan Daily

    The campus newspaper at University of Michigan at Ann Arbor hosts a slew of special interest blogs as a supplement to their regular content.


    Student journalists at the University of North Carolina use the school newspaper’s blogs as a way to voice their opinions and discuss upcoming events.

  7. Blogs at

    Take a peek at student journalism University of Houston style through a few blogs about the staff’s experiences and opinions.

  8. Flager College Gargoyle

    Flager College Gargoyle relays its news in blog format, but — like many schools — also hosts a few of its own as well.

  9. Blogs at the Daily Mississippian

    Student journalists at Ole Miss use the blog portion of their website to weigh in on campus issues of all types, though they don’t update terribly often.

  10. Saxaspeak

    Official Blog of Georgetown University’s The Hoya, Saxaspeak relays all the latest happenings in and around the school in blog format.

Student Blogs

Journalism students past and present open up about their experiences both in and after school.


    Based in Philadelphia, Sean Blanda — co-founder of Technically Media — blogs about his experiences working with mainstream and nonprofit news outlets along with opinions and stories. His archives show a large gap between updates, but that doesn’t mean he’s not worth checking out.

  2. Jschool Student Blog

    Students at Brisbane’s JSchool for journalism training put their skills to the test by keeping a blog about their experiences and lessons.

  3. Daniel Bentley

    University of Lancaster journalism student Daniel Bentley wants to spread his love of new media (and other facets of the field) with others in his position.

  4. Joseph Stashko

    Much of Joseph Stashko’s writings involve student, local and social media journalism and the intersections between them.

  5. and ever onwards to prudery

    Take a peek at music, politics and more through the lens of an Irish journalism student, a useful read for those wanting to enter into more niche markets.

  6. Indiana University School of Journalism Blogs

    Although they don’t update too often, journalism students at Indiana University keep blogs as a means of sharpening their professional skills.

  7. JOUR M02 Writing and Reporting for the Media

    Students enrolled in this Moorpark College course use the blog medium to study and practice the eponymous subject.

Social Media, Online Journalism and Web 2.0 Blogs

More and more people rely on Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets for news rather than the traditional print periodical. Journalism students who hope to keep up with the industry need to understand the basics of how these sites work.

  1. Mashable

    For the internet-savvy student journalist, Mashable provides him or her with everything needed to wield the power of social media to spread news quickly and efficiently.

  2. Our Man

    The blog itself may not update much, but the archives — not to mention the podcast and the surrounding website — still warrant reading by those interested in mobile media.

  3. Common News at Creative Commons

    For the new journalist, copyright law can get more than a little confusing. Fortunately, the brains behind the Creative Commons License certify plenty of places willing to give out information for free, with proper credit.

  4. Teaching Online Journalism

    Mindy McAdams holds classes about online journalism, blogging about her findings and opinions on the subject at hand.

  5. Nieman Journalism Lab

    Presented by Harvard University, Nieman Journalism Lab seeks ways in which to creatively apply the latest technologies to the journalism field.

  6. Online Journalism Blog

    Journalism students these days need to understand the integral role of the internet plays the industry, and following this blog will update them on everything they need to know.

  7. Knight Digital Media Center

    Run by the journalism departments of University of Southern California and University of California at Berkeley, these blogs focus on bringing new media ideas to students, teachers and professionals alike.

  8. Lost Remote

    Journalists worldwide with a penchant for digital and social media band together to discuss the latest tips, trends, news and views.

  9. MediaShift

    PBS hosts a blog dedicated to chasing stories and opinions regarding the ever-shifting face of digital media and journalism.

  10. Soshable

    Stay at the forefront of the social media movement with Soshable, a valuable resource for journalism students hoping to practice online.

  11. Digital Media Law

    In spite of the title, Jonathan Handel does blog about more than just the laws regarding digital media. However, any journalists who relay information over the internet should familiarize him- or herself with legal protocol first.

  12. TechCrunch

    Journalism students, teachers and professionals concerned with mobile and digital media will love the amazing barrage of information available on the always wonderful TechCrunch.

  13. Journalism 2.0

    Blog editor Mark Briggs stands on the precipice of journalism and technology, providing readers with many essential articles on their considerable overlap.

Watch, Special Interest, Independent and Citizen Journalism Blogs

Students curious about the voices of watch groups, independent media outlets (or individuals) and the contributions of bloggers, vloggers and other “citizen journalists” should give these resources a peek.

  1. Muslimah Media Watch

    Islam is a hot-button topic these days, and the Muslimah Media Watch takes a feminist Muslim stance against any myths and misconceptions it picks up in mainstream news outlets.

  2. Women’s Media Center

    This organization empowers female journalists and media figures to make sure that women earn an equal say in how the industry is run.

  3. Sociological Images

    A fantastic resource for journalists — especially those working with photography — who hope to learn everything they can about the power of pictures to incite emotions and ideas.

  4. CNN iReport Blog

    CNN encourages citizen journalists to go out into their communities and chronicle the news and events that even affiliate outlets can’t cover.

  5. Ohmy News International

    Ohmy News International calls Seoul home, presided over by citizen journalists hoping to educate the public about both their findings and their practices.

  6. Lens

    The New York Times‘ photojournalism blog features some lush aesthetics that any student hoping to enter the field must bookmark.


    Journalists concerned with portraying GLBTQ issues fairly should check out what this watchdog group has to say.

  8. PhotoJournalism

    Dallas-based photojournalist Mark M. Hancock shares both his work and experiences for the benefit of those interested in entering the field.

  9. The Independent Journalist

    Another offering by the Society of Professional Journalists, this time catering to the needs of any freelancers out there.

A diverse field such as journalism has plenty to offer students, perhaps not in print media so much as digital, of course. These blogs provide them with a plethora of information on a broad spectrum of topics as a means of showing the true diversity of the industry. However, make an effort to seek out other blogs not mentioned here as well. They, too, have much to offer journalism students thirsting for more information.



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